Varieties of clinical tests are executed in the OPD with the aid of instruments like ophthalmoscope, otoscope, tuning fork, slit lamp, bull’s lamp, and Torch test. Vision is examined with the help of Snellen’s, near vision chart, Ischihara Chart for color vision, Autorefraction, Retinoscopy, Tonometry, Keratometry, Sac syringing, A-scan, B-Scan, 4Dot test for general assessment of Squint, fluorescein test for assessment of Corneal abrasions, Rose Bengal Test, Schirmer Test for dry eye assessment. Dark room for refraction is set up in the hospital.

In the IPD section tarpanam, putapakam, nasyam, siropichu, sirobasti, sirodhara, karnadhupan, kavala, gandush, padabhyanga, pattabandhanam, etc. are performed as per the requirment. Clinical training is regular and the department has records of successfully treating RP, Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, Hypertensive retinopathy, sinusitis, myopia, headache, optic atrophy, nasal polyps, aural polyps, Hearing loss, etc.

The department has a collection of charts, models and specimens. The department has a research credit of chronic suppurative otitis media (poothikarna), Chronic Rhinitis, Viral Conjunctivitis, Pterygium, and Jaloka Avcharana in Anjannamika.

We have well developed three independent OPDs for- Netra (Eye), Karna-Nasa-Mukha (E.N.T), and Danta (Orodental).

A self-sufficient well equipped O.T. for Shalakyatantra.

Special Ayurvedic treatment is available for many chronic and common diseases e.g. for dry eye/computer vision syndrome- Netratarpana, Aschyotana, for Karnasrava- Karnadhupan, etc.

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