Prasuti Tantra & Stree Roga(Gynecology and Obstetrics)

This department offers specialty care for women of all ages: right from the special regimen followed during pregnancy in order to ensure healthy child birth and normal delivery to treatment of various menstrual disorders. We have also been effectively managing and treating women's health problems like polycystic ovarian diseases, menstrual disorders, fibroid uterus and infertility problems. Treatment methodologies like anal and vaginal infiltration, medicated suppositories, oil plug, etc. are being offered by this department.
Commonly managed disorders include:
• P.C.O.S
• Infertility - female
• Menstrual irregularities
• Pelvic disorders
• Female genital disorders
• S.T.D.S
• Menopausal syndromes
This specialty also offers traditional classical treatment modalities that provide care right from the time of conception to the birth of the child. Neonatal care as well as post natal care of the mother are also available.


This department treats patients through various Ayurvedic surgical and para surgical procedures. They include application of medicated thread Ksharasutra for management of hemorrhoids and fistula, Agnikarma in Tennis elbow, Sciatica, Plantar fascitis, Calcaneous spur. Raktamoksha by application of leeches (Medico Hirudinalis - Jaloukavacharana) and Siravedha for various blood disorders, Marma chikitsa in joint disorders as well as Vrana chikitsa in the management of cuts and wounds.
Some of the commonly managed disorders include:
• Ano rectal disorders - Piles, Fistula, fissure, pilonoidal sinus, rectal Prolapse
• Fracture and Dislocation Management
• Joint disorders – Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis, Osteo porosis, IVDP, Cervical spondylosis
• Various kinds of non healing ulcers
• Hernias - umbilical, inguinal
• Stones - renal, urethral, gall bladder
• Arterial and Venous disorders

Shalakyatantra(ENT,Dentistry and Ophthalmology)

This department treats patients in the areas of ENT, ophthalmology and dentistry. The department offers complete diagnosis and traditional ayurvedic treatment for all head and neck related diseases.

Exclusive and effective ayurvedic treatment is being provided for the management of certain conditions such as,
• Refractive errors - Myopia, Hypermetreopia, Astigmatism
• Early stages of cataract, Pterygium
• Retinitis Pimentosa
• Dryness of eyes
• Migraine and other types of headaches
• Alopecia
• Grey hair, baldness
Procedures like Netra Tarpanam have proved to be effective in preventing cataracts and are useful in dry eye syndrome, chronic conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer as well as glaucoma.

Kayachikitsa(General Medicine)

This department offers treatment and primary care in the area of ayurvedic general medicine, which forms the basis for all other branches of ayurvedic treatment. The department is staffed with highly skilled physicians, paramedical staff and trained nurses, who provide support to patients with the following diseases.
• Metabolic disorders
• Bleeding disorders
• Acidity, ulcer
• Diabetes
• Low back ache
• Obesity
• Hypertension
• Skin disorders - psoriasis, eczema
• Respiratory disorders
• Mental disorders
• Arthritis and many more

Kaumarabritya (Pediatrics)

This department offers Ayurvedic treatment for pediatric patients from the neonatal stage onwards. Right from the womb stage Ayurveda emphasis on a child’s proper clinical care and health maintenance. Along with assisting milestones of growth and development this branch specializes in the treatment of diseases common in children, such as:

• Autism
• A.D.H.D
• Cerebral palsy
• Re-current respiratory infections
• Developmental disorders
• Malnutrition disorders
Diseases like erysipelas and epilepsy have been effectively treated. Paediatric ayurvedic treatment has proved to be very effective in maintaining and improving children's immunity levels, resulting in the prevention of diseases.


Panchakarma (the five therapeutic measures) of Ayurveda covering a wide range of preventive, curative & promotive condition. Panchakarma is the comprehensive method of internal purification of body by Vamana, Virachethana, Nasya, Niroohabasti & Anuvasanabasti. The department of Panchakarma offers the lead role in the treatment aspects of the hospital with traditionaly equipped facilities, expert panel of doctors and therapist is our specialty. The panel of doctors will monitor each and every procedure with utmost care of patients.

• Joint disorders – Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis, Osteo porosis, IVDP, Cervical spondylosis
• Diabetes
• Low back ache
• Obesity
• Skin disorders - psoriasis, eczema


Swasthavritha in ayurveda means maintenance of the health of an individual. Swasthavritta mainly emphasizes on following a proper daily regime as well as seasonal regime. This department offers specialty care for all ages.Some of the commonly manged disorders include:

• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Life style diseases
• Respiratory disorders
• Metabolic disorders