Department Of Samhita Samskruta Siddhartha

This department dials with subject Sanskrit, Pasartha vijananm, Moulika Siddhartha, tharka samhita (Purvarartha & uttarartha), reasrch methology & medical statistics.

Sanskrit, Padartha vijnanam & Moulika Siddhartha is taught in the I year; tharaka Samhita Purvartha in the II year; Uttaratha in the III year & reachable methodogy & Medical statistics in the final year

This department trains & teaches the basic pain cycles of Ayurveda, history of Ayurveda, Indian Meta physics (DArshana), Sanskrit & various samhitas as per CCIM curriculum.

This department has sufficient infrasturure such as department library, charts & models. The collection of charts & models. The collection of charts visualizing various concepts & principles of the science is obtained in it. .