Department Of Roga Nidana Vikruti vijnana

This department is concerned with the subject Roga Nidana & Vikruti vijnana while is taught to BAMS students in II year. This subject deals with basic pathology & pathogenesis of diseases in accordance with both ayurvedic & modern assigned.

The purpose of this department is to makes students will virbved in diagnosing diseases whilst making then capable for remarkable performance in University examinations.
A well requipped lab is associated with this department which is intended for practical training in biochemical & microbiology examinations. The department impacts clinical, theoretical & practical knowledge regarding the subject as per CCIM curriculum.

The subject is divided into 2-paper I & paper II carrying 100 marks each. Regular class tasks & internal assisment examinations are conducted to improve the academic performance of the students.

Clinical class are conducted & students are demonstrated with knowledge about diagnosis with the Culp of patient’s in OPD & IPD. .