Department Of Rasahastra & Bhaisajya kalynana

Rasahastra & Bhaisajya kalynana is a combined branch of pharamacognory, pharmaceuticals, Neutracuticals & pharmacology. It is the potential branch that deals idle the selection of genuine raw drugs, their collection, preservation, processing of poisonous hubs, manufacturing hurbs, manufacturing hurbal & hurbo mineral formulations. The department undertakes the process of preparation of ayurvedic formulation by standard operative procedure, for developing quality dosage form of ayurvedic formulation without altering the basic concepts, to achieve this almost thergentic benefits. .


To provide sound theoretical knowledge & practical skills about kalynana (medicinal preparation) to the students.

To develops & modify classical formulation by adopting advanced technology & to validate the classical formulation to achieve satisfy & efficiency.

To bring academic excellence & permute scientific methods in the subject.


Spacious practical training hall

More than 100 drugs of hurbal, mineral & metallic Origin

Departmental library


Theory & practical class in, medicine preparation are conducted as per CCIM syllabus module.

Prepared medicines are preserved & labelled.