Department Of kriya sharvia

This department deals with the subject kriya sharvia which is taught to BAMS students in their I year. This subject provides basic knowledge about normal functioning of human body that is required for the critical understanding of progress of dieses, its preventation & Management. The objective of this department is to provide sound knowledge about functions of the body. It is also targeted at obtaining recognisable academic performance. The dept. include will reequipped lab, departmental library & other necessary requirements for proper learning of human physiology. This subject helps to analysis & record fundamental parameter its dcha parakriti (body constitution) dhatu (tissues), mala (wastes) it’s in ayurvedic aspect & Blood test, urine test, etc. in modern aspect. The subject is divided into paper I & II carrying 100 marks each. Theory & practical classes are conducted as per CCIM curriculum. General Assement tests & internal assessments exams are conducted to obtain the maximum knowledge & results. .